5 ottobre 2010

Protection and Supporting Children on the Move

Barcelona, 5-7 Ottobre, 2010
International Conference on Protection and Supporting Children on the Move

This conference is a first step in the process of examining policy and programmatic responses for the protection and support of children on the move.

The Global Movement for Children, with the support of the Catalan and Spanish Government are convening a global conference on Children on the Move.

The Conference has been organised with the technical support of Save the Children and the collaboration of a technical committee including UNICEF, Terre des Hommes, Plan International, Sussex University, and the Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children and Child Pornography.

In particular, the conference will look at the following crucial aspects linked to children’s movement:

- prevention of the worst forms of movement, and support to safer movement;
- the best interests of children on the move;
- the identification of and support for exploited and abused children who are on the move;
- access to appropriate and relevant services and issues of stateliness;
- durable solutions, including issues of returns and (re)integration; and
- child-led initiatives.

For more information, download the Program.


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